Thursday, April 27 2017 23:04 EEST
Ukraine's state debt in U.S. dollars 0.83% up in March 2017
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The total state (direct) and publicly guaranteed debt of Ukraine in March 2017 increased by UAH 10.48 billion ($600 million), to UAH 1.952 trillion ($72.35 billion), the Ministry of Finance reported on its website.

According to the report, state debt by the end of March was UAH 1.676 trillion, or $62.13 billion, in particular external debt stood at UAH 976.53 billion, or $36.2 billion. State guaranteed debt was UAH 275.72 billion, or $10.22 billion, in particular foreign debt came to UAH 256.4 billion, or $9.5 billion.

The ministry said the principal amount of the national debt is denominated in U.S. dollars (43.46%), another 31.46% in the hryvnia, and 18.24% in special drawing rights and 5.63% in euros. In addition, less than 1% of the national debt is denominated in Canadian dollars and yen.

The official hryvnia to U.S. dollar exchange rate, according to which the Finance Ministry calculates the debt, in February strengthened to UAH 26.98 per $1 from UAH 27.05/$1, or by 0.29%, while in the end of 2016 it was UAH 27.191/$1.

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