Tuesday, April 25 2017 18:27 EEST
OSCE mission resumes patrolling of Donbas
OSCE, Mission,  Resumes, Patrolling, Donbas

The OSCE Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) reported resumption of its activity on both sides of the Donbas contact line on Tuesday.

"Today the OSCE SMM resumed its patrolling on both sides of the contact line in Donetsk and Luhansk regions," the mission said on Facebook.

"We continue to take mitigation measures to ensure our monitors' security and safety are in place. The patrols are conducted with some restrictions due to an ongoing assessment of the events on Sunday morning," the mission said.

"The SMM remains committed to fulfilling its mandate and contributing to bringing peace to the people of Ukraine including through monitoring and reporting on the security situation. In order to fulfill this task the Mission needs safe, secure and unconditional access for the SMM monitors," the mission said.

It had been reported earlier that the OSCE SMM patrol vehicle had been blown up presumably by a landmine in the area of Luhansk region uncontrolled by Kyiv on April 23, A U.S. citizen was killed, and citizens of Germany and the Czech Republic suffered injuries. All OSCE SMM patrols were summoned back to base after that incident.

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