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‘Head of DNR military intelligence’: Moscow responsible for MH17 tragedy,- media
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Leader of the self-defense unit of Zaporizhia and a veteran of Afghanistan Sergey Tiunov said that on the recording of intercepted telephones conversations between the ‘head of DNR military intelligence’ ‘Khmuryi’ and a separatist with call sign ‘Buryat’ posted by JIT investigators in October 2015 he recognized the voice of Russian colonel Sergei Dubinskiy with the call sign ‘Khmuryi’. In JIT materials ‘Khmuryi’ appears as responsible for the movement of missile from Russian border to the territory controlled by separatists.

his was reported by Novaya Gazeta agency, whose journalist talked to Tiunov.

Tiunov told the journalist that with Dubinskiy he negotiated on the release of prisoners. During the meeting, they had a conversation, during which the Russian colonel said: "See how life is, Sergey. In Afghanistan we were on the same side and now are fighting against each other. I do not understand why you're with the ‘junta’ (he means Ukrainian authorities – ed.).

Tiunov argued that it was them who hit the passengers’ plane.

“I saw it on his face that it hurt him, he took it personally. He said: ‘You don’t think I did it myself? Bastards from Moscow did ti!’” Tiunov said.

During their next meeting, Dubinskiy denied that ‘DNR’ has to do with the tragedy and accused Ukrainian pilot, according to Tiunov.

“I realized at once that they have decided on the legend by that time. Because ‘Khmuryi’ did not express any emotion, he did not show it offended him,” Tiunov said.

Answering whether he recognizes the voice of his fellow soldier Dubinskiy on records, Tiunov said:

"I’ll say this: the voice of a man who is signed as ‘Khmuryi’ on records (of telephone conversations) is very much like that of Dubinskiy. I assume that it was him".

Also Tiunov said he did not believe Dubinsky was guilty of the crash, "He is a key witness, but not a murderer. And he's my comrade-in-arms. I want him to stay alive. I believe that he did not press the button of Buk (missile system, - ed.), only coordinated the movement."

The agency also reported that Sergey Dubinskiy received payments from the Ministry of Defense of Russia at least until mid-2015.

Earlier it was reported that Russia is trying to complicate finding the truth in the Malaysian Boeing catastrophe investigation.

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