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President to members of Ukrainian national team participating in “Invictus Games”: You will be an example for every Ukrainian
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President Petro Poroshenko took part in festivities on the occasion of announcement of candidates for the Ukrainian national team that will participate in “Invictus Games” in Toronto.

The Head of State addressed the attendees on Khreshchatyk and noted that he was really glad to stand together with those who would represent Ukraine in September in the international competition among servicemen and veterans wounded performing their duty.

“An extremely important event takes place today - Ukraine takes part in “Invictus Games” for the first time. I prefer Ukrainian name of this competition, for our nation is invictus, our people is invictus and our state is invictus. That is why it is completely natural that today we choose the best of the best who will decently represent our state in Canada in September,” Petro Poroshenko said.

The Head of State called courageous warriors present at festivities an example of unbroken spirit - soldier Vadym Svyrydenko, Lieutenant Pavlo Chayka and Major-General Ihor Gordiychuk.

“People just like Pavlo, Ihor and Vadym take part in the selection. They are winners and they will represent Ukraine in these extremely important games,” he emphasized.

The President noted not only sports skills, but also courage and heroism of warriors demonstrated in the defense of Ukraine. “As President, as Supreme Commander-in-Chief, on behalf of the people of Ukraine and in front of all Ukrainians who are now watching us, I am sincerely grateful to you, dear warriors, for your sacrificial contribution to the defense of the Homeland. We have built a new army with your efforts. We will not give up a single piece of Ukrainian land to the enemy with your efforts. And we will return Ukrainian Donbas and Ukrainian Crimea with your efforts and with the efforts of Ukrainian diplomats,” the Head of State stressed.

The President commended the initiative of “Ukrainian invictus” on the establishment of centers for psychological rehabilitation, “for them to support demobilized wounded warriors with their positive energy demonstrating how important it is to stay together and not to give a single chance for the enemy to destabilize the situation both on the frontline and inside the country”. “I am very grateful for this initiative and cordially welcome it,” the Head of State emphasized adding that programs of rehabilitation, including psychological rehabilitation, of Ukrainian warriors are being elaborated jointly with NATO trust funds.

The Head of State is confident that our team will demonstrate strength and invincibility of Ukraine, physical and moral power of Ukrainian warriors and extremely strong Ukrainian character to the world during the competition.

“I am convinced that achievements of our heroes will become a boost for people with disabilities to overcome obstacles and preserve self-confidence. They will be an example for every Ukrainian. I sincerely wish you a strong health, happiness, success and victories for the glory of Ukraine,” the President noted.

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