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President: UN ICJ urged Russia to fully implement the Minsk agreements
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The International Court of Justice urged Russia to fully implement the Minsk agreements having recognized it a party to the Minsk process, not an intermediary. For the first time, this recognition is not a political, but legal assessment. It was stated by President Petro Poroshenko at the meeting with Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin, Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration Kostiantyn Yelisieiev and Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Olena Zerkal.

“The UN ICJ urged Russia to fully implement the Minsk agreements. It means that Russia is a party to the Minsk agreements, not an intermediary as it initially claimed to be. For the first time, this recognition is not a political, but legal assessment, which is very important for us,” Petro Poroshenko said.

The President noted that political assessment of Russia’s actions has been provided in many documents not only in Ukraine, but also in the PACE, Council of Europe, European Parliament and many other international institutions.

“I strongly believe that this situation is unique because when the decision (of the ICJ) is delivered, it requires no additional voting in the UN General Assembly or the UN Security Council. This decision has direct effect and it must be fulfilled by any UN member-state. And non-fulfillment of the given decision will lead to sanctions that will deal a strong blow to any country that dares to ignore the decision,” he said.

The Head of State is confident that it is necessary to focus on the best way to outline Ukraine’s position in the court and define the country-aggressor. He is confident that it will already create a mechanism of legal liability not for individuals, as Russia wanted, but for the state in general, which must bear responsibility for the funding of terrorism and violation of the UN Convention.

“For the first time, the mechanism of the International Court of Justice has been applied to bring the country-aggressor, the country that funds terrorism to justice. And namely for the violation of this Convention we have raised the issue of holding accountable,” Petro Poroshenko emphasized.

The President also noted that the court has adopted a very important decision to sustain a case in the form of Russia’s obligation to make several steps: from the restoration of the Mejlis to ensuring the right for Ukrainian citizens to study Ukrainian language in the occupied Crimea.

The Head of State congratulated the attendees on the adoption of a very important interim decision on the dispute of Ukraine against Russia.

In her turn, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Olena Zerkal noted: “The court has supported Ukraine and it is very important. This is particularly crucial given the fact that the case is related to a permanent member of the UN Security Council. On May 12, we will meet in The Hague once again and the President of the Court will decide on the further hearing of the case, i.e. how it will advance and how much time we will have to draft the main memorandum in which we have to outline all the evidence in details, including subjective side of the case”.

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