Thursday, April 20 2017 20:22 EEST
Russian Marine officer killed in Syria
Russian, Marine,  Officer,  Killed, Syria

Officer of Russia’s Marines, Major Sergei Bordov was killed in action in Syria; Reuters said that with the reference to his comrade-in-arms and a source close to Russia’s Black Sea Fleet.

The attack that killed the officer and another three military men took place on April 18, said Vyacheslav Pavlyuchenko, Bordov’s comrade who served with him in the Marines.

‘They were killed during a mortar attack. Two of our guys and two more Syrians deceased,’ he said, adding he knew nothing about Bordov’s part in the actual military operation in Syria.

The source added that the major will be buried in the Russian-annexed Crimea.

Russian Defence Ministry didn’t immediately respond to Reuters’s request; the Russian side officially stated the army has lost 30 men since the beginning of the military operation in Syria in September 2015.

Many outlets and independent reporter question the mentioned number of casualties, which they claim to be deliberately lowered by the Russian government.

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