Thursday, April 20 2017 20:05 EEST
"Putin friends" from EU attending business forum in Russian-occupied Crimea
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A number of pro-Russian businessmen, officials and public figures from across Europe accepted the invitation of occupation authorities in Crimea to take part in the so-called "Yalta International Economic Forum" held in the annexed Crimea, according to Europeiska Pravda.

Among the attendees, there are representatives of businesses, political movements and civic organizations from Great Britain, Germany, Greece, Cyprus, and Austria, with the largest delegation coming from the Italian region of Veneto, EP reports.

The Veneto delegation is headed by the chairman of the regional council Roberto Ciambetti, a member of the eurosceptic party Lega Nord, which recently signed a cooperation agreement with Russia’s ruling Yedinaya Rossiya [United Russia] Party.

Two members of the Italian Senate - Sergio Divina (Lega Nord) and Bartolomeo Amidei (Forza Italia) are also among the attendees.

Another Italian delegate, a member of Veneto Regional Council Stefano Valdegamberi (Lega Nord) is known for supporting the idea of holding a referendum on the region’s independence from Italy.

Among other visitors of the occupied Crimea is also the deputy of the National Council of Austria (lower house of parliament) from the ultra-right Party of Freedom, Johann Hübner.

Romanian MEP Laurentiu Rebega representing in the European Parliament the extreme right-wing nationalist group Europe of Nations and Freedoms has come to the peninsula as well.

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