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42 children killed by landmines in Donbas since April 2014, - Defence Ministry
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Since the beginning of the hostilities in Donbas in spring 2014, 42 kids lost their lives due to stepping on landmines. Sergiy Zubarevsky, the head of the Ukrainian military’s Coordination Group on Mine Clearance Activity, said this as quoted by the Defence Ministry press service.

According to him, the so-called ‘grey zone’, which is approximately 20 kilometers around the division line coming through Donetsk and Luhansk regions is the most dangerous in terms of possible stepping on landmines. Explosives could be set in any spot within this range – on the both sides of the division line.

By now, the extreme mine danger led to 42 fatalities among children, while another 109 were injured. Over the last four months, six people were killed due to mishandling explosives or ammunition, and three more got wounded.

‘Over the entire period of military action in Donbas, the engineer units of Ukraine’s Armed Forces discovered, seized and destroyed almost 150,000 explosive items, clearing the area of 3,000 hectares. This year, we plan to clear another 1,000 hectares,’ Zubarevsky said.    

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