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Winter in spring: Dnipro, Zaporizhya and Kharkiv under April snow
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The morning began with disturbing news from Dnipro city. There, because of the unexpected April snow, the transport collapse began. During the rush hour, the city literally stopped, and the entry and exit from the Dnipro in Zaporizhya direction were also blocked.

Communal equipment was not ready for such a turn, because it had long been changed technical buckets and dumps used in winter. The mayor of the city Borys Filatov even joked in Facebook that such situation was his fault.

“It’s all mayor’s fault. That it is snowed heavily in April. That the Hydrometeorological Centre provided an invalid forecast. That buckets and shovels have already been disassembled from all the utility machinery. That Emergency Service is not picking up the phone. That long-range heavy vehicles drive through the city. It’s also mayor’s fault that you've changed winter tires on your cars for the summer ones. I’m sorry,” wrote Borys Filatov on Facebook.

The situation in the city is really difficult. More than 2 thousand trees were felled by the strong wind. Classes in schools are canceled until Friday.

The entry of trucks into the city was limited, and the local airport canceled some flights to Kyiv due to bad weather.

Several dozens of settlements in the Dnipropetrovsk region are de-energized.
Filatov says it is still impossible to resume heating; at least a week is needed for this. In addition, the authorities are concerned about rising of the water level. Now the snow-removing equipment is working in the city.  

A similar situation occurred in Zaporizhya. Almost monthly rainfall has fallen in a day on the territory of the region.

A strong wind was raging at night, falling down the trees. From the morning the snow-removing equipment has been working on the roads of the city. The rescue service has already received reports about the cars stuck on the road.

Due to the storm, several thousand houses in the private sector were left without electricity. Zaporizhya airport in connection with the weather was forced to cancel all flights until April 22.
In Kharkiv, because of the disaster, 700 trees fell. Six kindergartens, two schools and 40 apartment buildings were de-energized. Due to bad weather, morning flights were also canceled at Kharkiv airport

61 settlements are de-energized completely and 33 partially in the region. Also, education was suspended in most schools and kindergartens.

In total, up to 24 cm of snow fell in the territory of the region.

No restrictions have been imposed on the roads so far, but this is not ruled out.

In the Internet Ukrainians publish a lot of photos of snow-capped cities.

For many people, the situation reminded March 2013 in Kyiv. Then in the capital fell a record amount of snow for the history of observations. APCs of Armed Forces worked at Peremohy Avenue, and on Andriivskiy Uzviz people arranged skiing and snowboarding activities.

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