Tuesday, April 18 2017 19:50 EEST
Slovyanska thermal power station stops working
Slovyanska,  Thermal,  Power, Station, Stops, Working

The thermal power station (TPS) in Slovyansk, Donetsk region, ceased working as it fell short of anthracite coal. Previously, another four plants across the country (Prydniprovska, Trypilska, Zmiivska and Kryvoriz’ka) stopped working due to the same reason. Ukraine’s Ministry of Energy and Coal Production reported that on Tuesday, April 18.

Thus, currently Ukraine’s only thermal power station working on anthracite coal is Luhanska TPS, which provides electricity for the households on the northern part of Luhansk region. Another eight thermal power stations use other sources of energy, different from the anthracite coal.

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