Tuesday, April 18 2017 14:48 EEST
Japan plans to deploy troops in case of DPRK's attack
Japan, Plans, Deploy,  Troops, Case, DPRK's, Attack

The Government of Japan is considering for the first time the possibility of deploying self-defense forces in case if North Korean missile enters the Japanese territorial waters. This is stated in the research of the Japanese Cabinet of Ministers, reports Yomiuri.

It is noted that under the recently enacted laws, the Japanese government has the right to use troops for self-defense abroad. The danger is assessed by three degrees of danger - predicting of an armed threat, the situation of the apparent danger of an armed attack and direct military confrontation.

If the DPRK missile falls into the territorial waters of the country it is planned to be recognized as a situation where “the threat of an armed attack represents obvious danger”. In this situation, the threat of an armed attack becomes an immediate danger that requires urgent action. In this case, the forces of self-defense can be “deployed on the front line”.

At the first degree of danger, the construction of defense facilities is provided, and at the third stage, a direct armed attack and “blocking of the strike by armed means” is planned.

These degrees of threat have not been considered so far in the practical application. According to the agency, the moderate nature of the measures is due to the fact that directly striking back at the blow can provoke North Korea for more aggressive behavior.

Earlier it was reported that Trump promises Japan military support against North Korea threat. US President announced this during the telephone conversation with the Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe.

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