Friday, April 14 2017 21:47 EEST
Defense Ministry: Over 2,600 Ukrainian troops deceased in Donbas conflict
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Since April 2014, over 2,600 troops of Ukraine’s law enforcement agencies have perished in the ongoing fights in Donbas. Andriy Lysenko, the spokesman of the Defense Ministry reported that at a briefing in Kyiv on Friday

‘Over these three years, 2,652 warriors and workers of the Armed Forces, the National Guard, the Security Service, the State Border Service and other law enforcement agencies gave their lives for freedom, independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine. Another 9,578 were wounded,’ he said.

Today, April 14, marks the third anniversary of the official beginning of the anti-terrorist operation against pro-Russian armed gangs in eastern Ukraine; the-then acting president Oleksandr Turchynov ordered the law enforcement agencies to engage the separatists and restore the constitutional order and sovereignty of the state.

Thousands of Ukrainian servicemen, civilians, pro-Russian militants and Russian regular troops have lost their lives in the ongoing conflict.

Earlier President conveyed mobile intensive care units and special transport for medical institutions of Luhansk region   

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