Thursday, April 13 2017 22:00 EEST
Foreign Ministry protests against today’s arrests of Crimean Tatars in Crimea
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Ukraine is outraged at new cases of political repressions and persecutions that Russian government imposes on Crimean Tatars in the Russian-occupied peninsula. The country’s foreign ministry said that in the commentary on the issue on Tuesday evening.

‘On April 13, 2017 workers of repressive authorities detained eight Ukrainian citizens of Crimean Tatar origin – under trumped-up charges; that included use of brute force. Two of them had their houses searched and faced charges with propaganda and support of extremism. Another six who witnessed the illegal searches at their neighbors’ apartments were charged with violating the order of holding public meetings or protests. We condemn such actions as elements of intimidation policy, which the Russian occupation government has been providing to destroy any dissidence or opposition to the illegal occupation,’ the message said.

The ministry decisively protests against such facts of violations of human rights and demands that the Russian side lets the detained individuals walk free immediately.

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