Tuesday, April 11 2017 20:21 EEST
President: Ukraine will not retreat in the issue of reforms
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President Petro Poroshenko highlighted Ukraine’s commitment to the implementation of reforms, development of capable state institutions, reinforcement of civil society and creation of preconditions for economic growth of the state.

“Standing here, I want to reassure you – there will be no backsliding in reforms,” the President addressed the participants of the 10th Kyiv Security Forum “Old Conflicts and New Dynamics: Strategies for a Changing World”.

The Head of State recalled his favorite quotes of Natan Sharansky about the three sources of power of the free world – the power of an individual’s inner freedom, of a free society, and of the solidarity of the free world. “Having two of them, today Ukraine needs your support not only on the battlefield, but also on its second frontline – implementing reforms,” he stressed.

According to the Head of State, it is important that our international partners admit our progress. “This Monday the IMF Executive Board decided to disburse the next tranche of financial support to Ukraine. This decision is timely and encouraging. For the fourth consecutive time, Ukraine fulfills its obligations, the Memorandum and enjoys respect of the international community,” he said.

The President also recalled the EU’s decision to provide macro-financial aid to Ukraine.

Petro Poroshenko assured that Ukraine will definitely continue to reinforce its resilience and added that it is in the best interests of the EU, Ukraine and the whole Free World.

“We all know a famous label “For European recovery supplied by the United States of America”. Today we need a similar label for Ukraine - ‘For Ukrainian recovery supplied by the United Free World’,” the President said.

“I will say over and over again – Ukraine needs its own Marshall Plan that once helped to rebuild Europe from the ashes. This new plan will prove that friends stand together with Ukraine,” the Head of State emphasized and expressed gratitude to the EPP family for supporting this idea on Malta Forum.

The President noted that the following things are essential for our strategy: united and resolute transatlantic community in defending our, not Ukrainian, but Free World’s, our common values; resilient Western society; no compromises on Russian aggression, including sanctions policy; open and inclusive EU towards its Europe-oriented partners and allies; practical support of Ukraine.

“That is our best strategy in a changing world of old conflicts and new dynamics. It is our chance to break the vicious circle of struggle between Ukrainian universalism and Russian provincialism. It is our chance to prove the strength of freedom over tyranny,” the President concluded.

Earlier President thanked Martin Schulz for his personal contribution to the EU’s granting visa-free regime for Ukrainian citizens

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