Tuesday, April 11 2017 18:34 EEST
Russia initiates criminal case against two its citizens involved in Right Sector
Russia, Initiates, Criminal, Case,  Against, Two, Citizens, Involved, Right,  Sector

A criminal case initiated against citizens of the Russian Federation involved in the activity of the Right Sector, Ukraine’s far-right movement, the press service of the Investigation Committee reported that.

“The employees of the investigation department of the crimes involving prohibited tools and methods of conducting war together with Russia’s FSB and the Interior Ministry deployed a set of actions and received the data indicative of the involvement of Vyacheslav Donguzov from Udmurtia and Vyacheslav Yasev from the Arkhangelsk Region, both of Russian citizenship, into the activity of the Right Sector, the extremist organization prohibited by the Supreme Court on the territory of the Russian Federation,” reads the statement of the Russian agency.

According to the data, the Investigation Committee initiated a criminal case for engagement in the extremist organization.

It is also noted that “Donguzov and Yasev have left the territory of the Russian Federation for Ukraine, supporting the objectives of the Right Sector, where they were employed as fighters of the Voluntary Ukrainian corps of the Right Sector and took an active part in the battles on the South East of Ukraine against self-proclaimed “LNR” and “DNR, thus they possessed weapon, ammunition, communications tools and transport.”

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