Tuesday, April 11 2017 16:26 EEST
Militants halted shelling Mariinka, no casualties reported at the moment
Militants, Halted,  Shelling, Mariinka, Casualties, Reported, Moment

Militants stopped shelling Mariinka from mortars and shell only from small arms. No casualties at the moment, yet to be confirmed. Pavlo Zhebrivsky, the Donetsk governor reported that on his Facebook page.

“Russian aggressor are shelling Mariinka suburbs from mortars and small arms. Shell fragments reached the city downtown. No appeals to ambulance reported. Children from school #2 were evacuated into the bomb shelter. Not the mortar fire halted, small arms still working. Police is patrolling the city,” he wrote.

As it was reported earlier, militants shelled Ukrainian positions 64 times in ATO area during the past 24 hours, five Ukrainian soldiers were injured.

Earlier  No casualties casualties among the Ukrainian citizens in St. Petersburg

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