Monday, April 10 2017 18:33 EEST
Head of State Property Fund Igor Bilous resigns
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Igor Bilous, the Head of the State Property Fund of Ukraine, confirmed that he submitted his resignation. He wrote this on his Facebook page.

"Today I submitted resignation from the post of Head of the State Property Fund of Ukraine. I spent three years of my life working for the public service. Almost two of them – in the Fund. That wasn't easy but I'm grateful for the opportunity to serve my country in these difficult times. I'm grateful to everybody who worked with me side-by-side," he wrote.

Bilous also marked the success of his team in creating privatization process.

"I'm proud that we managed to make the privatization process in Ukraine simpler and more transparent. The draft law we developed will finalize the transition of privatization process from political to economic sphere. We began this reform and it will be continued by others. But for me it is time to move on. Firstly, I need a short break to spend some time with my family. And soon I will return to what I was doing before joining the public service," he added.

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