Monday, April 10 2017 14:45 EEST
Head of Ukraine's National Bank resigns
Head, Ukraine's, National, Bank, Resigns

Chairwoman of Ukraine’s National Bank Valeriya Gontareva has officially resigned. She reported this at Monday briefing in Kyiv, thus confirming rumors about her leaving the office, which the media have been widely discussing for more than a month now.

‘After staying in this office for almost 3 years, I decided to leave it. I handed the President my resignation letter, according to which, the resignation would take effect on May 10. I’m announcing this a month before the actual resignation, but if the parliament votes for it earlier, I’ll leave earlier. I’m ready to report on the results of my work over the mentioned period,’ Gontareva said.

In early March, an unproved piece of information appeared that the official intended to leave the office of the Head of the National Bank. The Bank denied the rumors, but Gontareva herself assumed that was possible.

Valeriya Gontareva, formerly the leader of ICU consortium was appointed Head of the National Bank in June 2014

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