Wednesday, April 5 2017 19:58 EEST
Britain and France call for Bashar al-Assad to leave office after chemical attack in Syria
Britain, France, Call, Bashar, Leave,  Office, Chemical,  Attack, Syria

Great Britain and France renewed their call for the resignation of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad after a suspected chemical attack, which killed 72 people, 20 children among them. This was reported by Reuters.

Such statement was expressed by Foreign ministers Boris Johnson of Britain and Jean-Marc Ayrault of France during the international conference on Syria, which was convened by the European Union in Brussels striving to advance stalled peace talks between Assad and his rivals.

"I simply don't see how Bashar al-Assad can remain in charge after what he has already done," Boris Johnson commented.

French Foreign Minister in turn noted that the attack was a test for the new US President Trump.

As it was reported, Syrian city Khan Shaykhun was bombed in the morning on April 4. Syrian activists reported that the air raid on the city was conducted by the aircraft of Syrian army and Russian aviation. People on the ground started chocking right after the airstrike.

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