Wednesday, April 5 2017 19:41 EEST
National Bank of Ukraine receives funds from IMF
National, Bank, Ukraine, Receives, Funds, From, IMF

National Bank of Ukraine receives IMF money on its accounts. This was reported by the press service of the National Bank.

"On April 5, 2017 the National Bank of Ukraine received another tranche in terms of Expanded Financing Facility program (EFF) of International Monetary Fund in order to supplement international reserves," the message says.

Thus Ukraine’s international reserves increased to $16.7 billion.

The four-year Expanded Financing Facility program (EFF) opened in March 2015, with the total amount about $17.11 billion with the first tranche of $5 billion, was expected to be reviewed on a quarterly basis, providing for the allocation of three $1.63 billion tranches in 2015 and decreasing quarterly tranches to $0.61 billion in 2016-2018.

National Bank also expects that it will receive three more tranches in terms of EFF program by the end of 2017 totaling $4.5 billion. 

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