Tuesday, April 4 2017 20:23 EEST
IMF releases Memorandum on Ukraine’s economic and financial policy
IMF, Releases, Memorandum, Ukraine’s,  Economic, Financial, Policy

The International Monetary Fund published the Memorandum on the economic and financial policy of Ukraine. The document emerged during the third phase of the ongoing revision of EFF program.

IMF materials contain, among others, a letter signed by Ukraine’s president, prime minister, finance minister and the head of the National Bank. The letter describes the impact of the trade blockade of the occupied areas of Donbas and the impact caused by the Fund’s decision to postpone consideration of assigning the next, fourth loan for Ukraine.

The IMF also released several releases on corruption in Ukraine, the need of pension reform in the country, as well as on the transition to inflation targeting and improving financial and credit policy.  

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