Tuesday, April 4 2017 18:54 EEST
Crimean political prisoner starves himself demanding to send him to Ukraine
Crimean, Political, Prisoner,  Starves,  Hdemanding, Send, Ukraine

Crimean Tatar national Rusian Zeitullayev, whom the Russian prosecutors accused of terrorism, stands before trial in Rostov-on-Don. On April 4, he began starving himself, demanding to send him to Ukraine, to stop political prosecution and close criminal cases of other Crimean Tatars, illegally detained and judged in Russia. Reporter Anton Naumlyuk posted that at Facebook.

‘Ruslan Zeitullayev now stands before trial at North Caucasus military district court under charges with organizing the cell of Hizb-Ut Tahrir in Crimea; he announced an indefinite hunger strike, demanding that local authorities let Ukrainian diplomats to the pre-trial detention centre where he stays now,’ the reporter wrote.

According to lawyer Emil Kurbedinov, the defendant will only stop starving if his requirements are satisfied. ‘He did so because none of the arguments work in the court, hoping this case would be considered objectively,’ he said.    

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