Friday, March 31 2017 23:27 EEST
Prime Minister of Ukraine advocates the sale of 3,500 state-owned enterprises
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Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman announced his intention to sell inefficient state-owned enterprises. According to him, the move would enable Ukraine to attract additional investment and accelerate economic growth

"We have 3,500 state-owned enterprises in the country. It is absurd, because most of these enterprises are either inefficient, or have become feeders for corrupt officials… My position is as follows: those [enterprises] that are not of national significance and importance must be publicly sold. They bring no benefits to Ukrainian citizens or the Ukrainian economy. Their sale will provide an opportunity to attract investments in the economy and accelerate economic growth," Groysman said during a briefing in Zhytomyr, Ukrinform reports.

The result of these changes, according to Groysman, will be tangible for every Ukrainian, particularly the elderly who will be able to count on increased pensions.

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