Thursday, March 30 2017 22:18 EEST
Herashchenko: The PACE President avoids providing details on his trip to Russia and Syria
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The First Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada, Iryna Herashchenko, claims that the President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, Pedro Agramunt, is avoiding meetings with Ukrainian politicians after his visits to Syria and Russia, as she posted on Facebook while participating in the European People's Party summit, which began on Wednesday in Malta.

PACE members from Ukraine are openly in conflict with the President of the Assembly, Pedro Agramunt, accusing him of lobbying for the interests of the Russian Federation.

"On the sidelines of the summit, together with Mariya Ionova, we found PACE President Pedro Agramunt. We asked him how his visit was to Syria and St. Petersburg, if it was successful, and reminded that we sent a letter with a number of questions, including those about the organizational and financial details of his travelling to Syria on a Russian military aircraft," Herashchenko said.

She claims that Agramunt gave some information about the planned briefing to Ukrainian representatives then "very quickly left."

At the same time, Herashchenko accused the PACE President of lying, saying in her next message that he provided false information about the briefing, and instead tried to hide from the Ukrainian delegation in a coffee house.

According to her, during the meeting with the Croatian Prime Minister Plenković, the representatives of Ukraine again met with "Agramunt and his assistant who several minutes ago told us that they were going to a briefing, and that's why they could not tell us about the visit to Syria and St. Petersburg."

They also left the new meeting, the Deputy Chairman specified.

It was reported earlier that Pedro Agramunt brought a delegation from the Russian State Duma to Syria. Subsequently, the delegations of four countries formally condemned his visit to Syria.

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