Wednesday, March 29 2017 18:21 EEST
Savchenko called Jews in power in Ukraine "judes" on air
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Ukrainian MP Nadiya Savchenko doesn’t like judes, however she doesn’t identify herself as antisemite. Savchenko told that on air of 112 Ukraine TV channel on March 25 during her interview with Dmitry Gordon.

“I have no problems with Jews. I don’t like judes. I have repeatedly said that there is no bad nation. There are bad people. It’s like a khokhol versus a Ukrainian, or a katsap versus a Russian,” Savchenko said.

"It’s very hard to call Ukraine an antisemite country, because there 2% of Jews living here, and 80% of them have power. If we traditionally look to the surnames, then it’s Groysman, Valtsman (this is Poroshenko’s surname)… I think that’s how his surname sounds… It’s Yuliya Tymoshenko, whose maiden name also has Jewish roots, MPs Bereza, one of them, Logvinsky… They even say that this is their nationality, that they stick to religion… There’s a big difference between the judes and the Jews. Maybe when a woman spoke of the we have “Jewish yoke” (it’s more likely that she wanted to say “judes yoke”), she first of all might have meant that not the best representatives of their people, their nation are in power in Ukraine today," Savchenko said.

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