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President to the National Guard warriors: You serve Ukrainian people honestly, qualitatively and selflessly
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President Petro Poroshenko congratulated servicemen of the National Guard of Ukraine on the 3rd anniversary since the day of establishment.

“Exactly three years ago, the National Guard has become one of the first military formations to take responsibility for the protection of sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of our state in an extremely critical moment. Exactly three years ago, in spring 2014, I had a high honor to be present at the ceremony of taking oath by the firsts battalions of the newly established National Guard formed by men from Maidan’s Self-Defense who came here right from Maidan to study and be off directly to the frontline,” Petro Poroshenko said.

The Head of State emphasized: “In the very first battles you have passed a severe exam for patriotism and loyalty to the oath”.

“A high level of trust and gratitude of the Ukrainian people are not the only assessment of your work. Our National Guard is the most frequently mentioned brand on Russian TV. It seems to be the most popular brand. It is totally absurd and unfair to scare children by you. But if you are so feared and hated by adult Russian men, this means that you serve the people of Ukraine honestly, qualitatively and selflessly,” the President emphasized.

Petro Poroshenko noted that both the people and the government of the state highly appreciate the contribution of the National Guard to ensuring national security. 1175 warriors deservedly received high state awards and 193 guards were killed defending Ukraine.

The attendees honored memory of the deceased with a moment of silence.

“Defending the interests of the state and its citizens, you are guided only by the laws of Ukraine and the military oath,” the Head of State noted.

The President recalled the tragic events of August 31, 2015, when 4 guards were killed. “Not on the frontline, where the enemy is obvious. Under the walls of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, on the Square of the Constitution, where people who call themselves “patriots” were fooled by state-mongers and killed those guards with grenades. The trial of these performers is in process. And speaking of the state-mongers, alas, they feel pretty comfortable, make frequent appearances on TV and sing along with the chorus of early elections,” he added.

The Head of State particularly thanked the National Guard for professionalism, still nerves and moderation during the protection of rallies over the past few months: “When organizers and participants were provoking and literally making you to use force. And you have been playing it cool and ensuring order in various Ukrainian cities by all legal means”.

“Russia has understood long ago that Ukraine cannot be taken barehanded. That is why it makes every effort to set Ukrainians by the ears and undermine Ukraine from inside. And whether it will succeed or not depends not only on the leadership of the state, but also on you, your moderation and patriotism, dear heroes of the National Guard,” the President stressed.

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