Thursday, March 23 2017 19:22 EET
MIA: Killer of Voronenkov is citizen of Ukraine
Killer, Voronenkov, Citizen, Ukraine

The killer of Russian Duma ex-deputy Denis Voronenkov is a citizen of Ukraine. This was stated on the air of 112 Ukraine TV channel by Adviser to Interior Minister Anton Herashchenko.

"Yes, the killer is a citizen of Ukraine", said Gerashchenko. He added that in his opinion, those who ordered such murder are located in Russia. Now law enforcement officers find out the circumstances of the murder, in particular, how the killer got the information about the actions and movements of Voronenkov.30 minutes ago killer died in the 17th hospital in Kyiv. He got two wounfs in the chest and one shot in the head.

Two men were shot dead in Kyiv downtown, at the intersection of Pushkinska and Shevchenko streets near the hotel ‘Premier Palace’: Voronenkov and his bodyguard.

Law enforcers say it’s a contract murder. “This is the first version we consider, knowing who the victim is and his activity and the way a crime was committed.”

Former MP of Russian State Duma Denis Voronenkov in his last interview said he could be killed “like Bandera”.

“Democratic laws are working in Ukraine, unlike other post-Soviet countries. My main guarantor was law. Though chief Russian TV channels already cry out that Voronenko should be exchanged for Sushchenko and if it’s impossible he has to be killed like Bandera. People in Russia went crazy, they are sick,” he said.

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