Thursday, March 23 2017 15:51 EET
Blast of ammunition storage facility in Kharkiv region
Blast, Ammunition,  Storage, Facility, Kharkiv, Region

A blast on ammunition storage facility in Kharkiv region this night, on March 23. The incident occurred near the city of Balakliya. A part of the city residents is evacuated. Residents of the nearby villages which fall into possible detonation zone are also being evacuated. The press service of the State Emergency Service.

250 rescuers teams and 50 units of equipment are involved into the consequence management. National reserve forces and equipment are on the state of alert, pyrotechnical estimates are in progress.

The acting head of the State Emergency Service Melnychutsky O. arrived at the scene.

The danger zone of the ammunition emission from the point of detonation is seven kilometers. Ukraine’s military prosecutor Anatoly Matios reported on his Facebook page.

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