Thursday, March 23 2017 14:52 EET
Police patrols to prevent marauding after blasts in Balakliya
Police, Patrols, Prevent, Marauding, After, Blasts, Balakliya

Kharkiv regional police started working clock round after explosion in Balakliya. This was reported by the speaker of the National Police of Kharkiv region Elena Barannikova on air of 112 Ukraine TV channel.

“The situation is quite tense. Today at 2:50 a.m. all the personnel of Kharkiv region was alerted, we assessed our forces and resources to ensure legal order around-the-clock in Balakliya district. Additional forces were involved to block the roads, traffic checkpoints were set, neighboring police departments were called to prevent marauding and patrol police will be working day and night to control the situation in the city. Foot patrols are organized in the area of evacuation, schools and kindergartens will not be working to avoid looting. The contingent released from penitentiary facilities will be taken under special control.The evacuation continues,” she said

Earlier it was reported that almost 20 000 people were evacuated from Balakliya due to the blasts on ammunition depot at Kharkiv region.

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