Thursday, March 23 2017 14:06 EET
Two men shot in Kyiv
Two, Men, Shot, Kyiv

Two men shot dead in Kyiv downtown, on the crossing of Pushkinska and Shevchenko streets. The press-service of Kyiv Police reported that to

“The fact is registered, but there’s no such an information yet,” the press service reported.

Social media users report of the shots and many ambulance cars. Two man are laying on the sidewalk with no traces of life.

Eyewitnesses say there were at least seven shots made.

An investigation team is working on the scene.

“Doctors are fighting for the life of the second victim. Allegedly, the gun was left on the scene. There also six shells.

The murdered man is Denis Voronenkov, former State Duma deputy. 

Earlier  Heavy fighting reported near Mariupol in eastern Ukraine

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