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President: Populism and activity of politicians guided by the principle “the worse, the better”, is the same threat to Ukraine as the Russian aggression
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President Petro Poroshenko emphasizes that the state created preconditions for economic development and beginning of restoration and improvement of the living standards. However, such path of state development is not satisfactory for some people both outside and inside Ukraine. A significant part of the Ukrainian political community is still guided by the principle “the worse, the better”, as stated by the President.

The Head of State is confident that serious political risks endanger the economy and welfare of the people. “For us to understand that something has already been achieved, thus, we have something to lose. There is a great danger to fall back. And then, all the victims, all suffering of people would be vain,” he noted. The President would like the Ukrainian reality not to be associated with Sisyphus who has been rolling an immense boulder up a hill, only to watch it come back, repeating this action for eternity.

“The key menace is Russian military threat. And it comes not only from the occupied areas of Donbas, it is brooding along the whole border line with Russia. The right answer to this challenge is the only one: if in early 2014, expenditures for the defense equalled 1% of GDP, in 2016 we have raised them to 3.2%. And we may have to further increase it. If we take into account general expenditures for defense and security, they have already exceeded 5% of GDP,” the President stressed.

According to the Head of State, the rebirth and reinforcement of the Ukrainian Armed Forces has forced the Kremlin to multiply their efforts on the internal destabilization in Ukraine. “Information war, spreading fake news, instigation of panic and disbelief. Stimulation and simulation of protest movements and manipulation in one’s own interests by some far right groups. Promotion of a wicked idea of early elections to increase the representation of pro-Kremlin forces, sending subversive groups to Ukraine, preparation of terrorist attacks - this list of Kremlin’s tools is far from being complete,” he emphasized.

Petro Poroshenko also noted that early elections are among the political risks that endanger the economic growth. “I sincerely respect the elections, including the early ones, as an element of democracy, the key technology of the power of people. By the way, I would like to remind that I initiated them when there was a real need for that and when communists and regionals prevailed in the Verkhovna Rada after the Revolution of Dignity,” the Head of State noted.

The President emphasized that he regularly examines the public opinion polls and sees no prospect for the parliament formed in early elections to have greater reformist potential than the present one. “The pre-election campaign would pause all the reforms at least for a year. And then the new composition of the Rada would be so medley that there would be no sense in hopes for any coalition,” he added.

“That is why I am against the re-elections loudly required by the so-called broad opposition. And the backbone of this broad opposition is two parties that miraculously didn’t form a broad coalition 8 years ago. They’ve been ruling the state one after another from 2006 to 2014 and we are still cleaning up after them,” the President said.

Petro Poroshenko noted that democracy functions only when “today’s leaders are changed by tomorrow’s leaders, not those of the past”. “As President, I would be glad, for it would be great for Ukraine, that by 2019, the year of regular presidential and parliamentary elections, a modern alternative to the present authorities would be formed. More liberal, more democratic, more pro-European alternative than the present coalition. And the main thing - not populist, deprived of propensity for demagogy, having no simple, thus, unfair solutions,” he stressed.

According to him, progressing populism is one of the main political threats to the growth. This phenomenon is not just a Ukrainian problem. The whole Europe has problems with it. “However, the Ukrainian populism is mostly oriented to the left. It blocks a whole range of important reforms without which there can’t be a successful and healthy economy, such as transparent privatization or introduction of the agricultural land market,” the President emphasized.

According to the Head of State, additional threat is anarchy: “A bright example of that is real and potential aftermath of the so-called blockade of Donbas. Its organizers showed themselves as unrivaled masters of political PR. They have correctly calculated the pressure point, caught the wave of public expectations and found an exposed nerve”.

At the same time, he emphasized that the participants of the blockade “have been cheating society”: “What blockade are we talking about when there is a hole in the border with Russia for hundreds of kilometers? In fact, it was a special operation to push the occupied areas of the Ukrainian Donbas out to Russia”.

The President reminded that pursuant to the NSDC decision, it was necessary to suspend transport connection with the occupied territory. “It stopped the chaos the participants of the blockade tried to incite all over the country,” he stressed.

Petro Poroshenko once again emphasized that due to the blockade, Ukraine has lost the last sphere of influence on that territory. “It is an admissible strategy for those who want to push out and present those territories to Putin as a gift. And this is a matter of life and death for those who want these enterprises and this strategy to be the anchor that keeps the occupied territories with hope to return to Ukraine,” he said.

The President also believes we must analyze economic consequences - there was a strike against the national economy, metallurgy, budget and national currency.

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