Monday, March 20 2017 19:50 EET
Grojsman: ‘I’m prepared to help Lviv again, but Mayor Sadovy has to pull oar as well.
Grojsman, Prepared, Help, Lviv, Again, Mayor, Sadovy, Pull, Well.

Premier Grojsman is prepared to resolve the problem of garbage evacuation from Lviv. However, Mayor Sadovy must do something instead of dilly-dallying and accusing all of blocking his steps, Premier Grojsman wrote in Facebook after a telephone conversation with Mayor Sadovy late March 18.

“I was stunned by one fact. The mayor told me he had talked to nearly all city mayors in Ukraine and they had all refused to accept Lviv garbage. When I asked who was the last one he had talked to, the mayor told me it was Kyiv’s Mayor Klitschko. He talked to him 1.5 months ago!” Grojsman wrote. 

Meanwhile, there are heaps of garbage on Lviv streets, and with the warm weather coming the city will face an environmental disaster, experts warn.

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