Monday, March 20 2017 18:56 EET
President: Tax police must be eliminated
President, Tax, Police, Must, Eliminated

President Petro Poroshenko stands for elimination of the tax police and establishment of the Financial Investigation Service as a new, intellectual and analytical body. It was stated by him at the fifth session of the Regional Development Council.

The President informed on the arrangement to elaborate a draft law that will be submitted by the Head of State as an urgent one for “the new Financial Investigation Service to be established as a new, intellectual and analytical body”.

The President noted that the discussion about the fate of the tax police has been held for several decades. “Several years ago, we’ve been speaking of the influence of sanitary-epidemiological stations, fire fighters, ecologists on business”.

“There were three sacred cows: Security Service, police and tax police. I am confident that the attempts to find a compromise have stalled. I am confident that it is time to make a decision and put an end to this. My direct political will is that this structure should be eliminated,” Petro Poroshenko said.

The President emphasized that analytical skills are necessary for that: “Not brutal power, but efficient concrete work”.

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