Monday, March 20 2017 18:02 EET
Poroshenko again stated on Russian military threat along entire border
Poroshenko, Again,  Stated, Russian, Military, Along, Entire, Border

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko again stated about the military threat from Russia along the whole Ukrainian-Russian border. He said this during the meeting of the Council for Redional Development, which was broadcast by 112 Ukraine.

"The main thing is the Russian military threat, and it is not only in the occupied regions of Donbass, it hangs across the entire border with Russia. And there is only one correct answer to this challenge. If at the beginning of 2014 defense spending amounted to 1% of GDP, in 2016, by our joint efforts, we brought these costs up to 3.2%, and it is possible that this share will have to be increased," the president said.

As is known, Poroshenko repeatedly stated about the military threat from Russia not only from the ORDLO and the Crimea side, but also along the entire Ukrainian border.

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