Monday, March 20 2017 17:43 EET
Russia stats full-scale military training in occupied Crimea
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Russia started a full-scale military training in the occupied Crimea. This was reported by the Defense Ministry of Russian Federation.

Command-staff exercises of the battle shooting of the Russian Airborne Troops takes place on the Opuk polygon.

“Units of Novorossiysk landing and assault division, detached landing and assault brigades, some Black Sea fleet and Air Forces units partake in the training. For the first time in the history of the Russian Armed Forces three units of the Russian Airborne Troops will participate at the same time in the training,” the message says.

Over 2,5 thousand paratroopers participate in the training, as well as more than 600 military hardware units.

Earlier it was reported militants shell Ukrainian positions 50 times during past 24 hours. In Donetsk direction, the enemy shelled from grenade launchers and machine guns in Avdiivka area.

Earlier Ukrainian mobile maintenance crews directed to ATO zone to repair military equipment

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