Friday, March 17 2017 21:31 EET
President: Only united we are invincible
President, Only,  United, Invincible

Modern Ukraine, politicians must remember not only lessons of our history, but also make conclusions to prevent the repeat of mistakes, as stated by the President.

"Today, just as 100 years ago, Ukraine defends its independence from the Russian aggressor. We should remember what may be the result of discord and avoid those tragic mistakes that led to the defeat of the Ukrainian Revolution 1017-1921. The main mistake was internal discord in conditions of the foreign aggression," the Head of State said.

"Let us always remember: united we are invincible. Let us remember the wisdom of the ancestors: courage creates victory, unity creates the invincible ones. Let us remember the Ukrainian prayer song: the power of nation is in unity. May God offer us unity," Petro Poroshenko emphasized.

The President stressed: Ukrainians must rather analyze than celebrate the revolutionary events of the past century. "Let us analyze to avoid the repeat. Learn, understand and avoid the repeat. This is the main thing now. Medics recommend cold shower as an efficient measure of prevention. And the cold shower of history is very useful for politicians," the Head of State stressed.

The President supports the opinion of Ivan Lysiak Rudnytsky that the Ukrainian Revolution of the XX century had its positive result: a lot of Little Russia republics and provinces were singled out into one Ukraine. The Revolution promoted the spread of Ukrainian idea among ordinary people and tis foundation developed the whole future life of our state. “After the Revolution, the issue of independence has taken roots in the minds of Ukrainians and 70 years of dictatorship haven’t managed to eliminate it. I think it has already been an irreversible process,” Petro Poroshenko emphasized.

However, the government failed to maintain the independence of Ukraine. According to the President, the reason for that was false ideology: orientation to federation with Russia and support of socialist and communist doctrines that ignited class and social hatred between various layers of Ukrainian society instead of consolidation. They made it vulnerable to the external enemy. Another reason was absence of real, combat capable Ukrainian army that could have countered the external threats. Also, Ukraine lacked the international support in times of crucial clash with Russians, as stated by the President.

According to the President, the main reason of failure of the Ukrainian Revolution of the past century is lack of internal unity, political discord, anarchy.

“Kaleidoscopic change of governments, permanent conspiracies and constant riots left no chance for success of our case. Interparty struggle and interpersonal intrigues did not stop even when the Ukrainian authority was spread not farther than the railway station to which the steam train retreated with members of the government,” the President stressed.

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