Friday, March 17 2017 20:34 EET
Roman Nasirov released from pre-trial detention center
Roman Nasirov,  Released, From, Pre-Trial,  Detention, Denter

The head of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine, who had been suspended, was released from Lukyanivske pre-trial detention center on bail of $3.5 million. His wife and father-in-law posted the bail.

“I am very grateful to my family, they managed to find such a vast amount of money. But it’s better to be brought to responsibility without fault, I’d better stayed here and proved my innocence. But now I think that it is better this way, I’ll have more possibilities to check all the information under suspicion with mass media and thus to quickly prove my innocence due to communication,” Nasirov announced.

At that Nasirov didn’t explain where his family have these $3.5 million from.

“Now I feel better than on first days of trial. I want to move to the hospital now, for doctors to examine me properly. I had time for rest and read the materials in the pre-trial detention center, but I am sure that doctors can restore me to a normal condition. I’ll start my full scale defense on this case since Monday,” he said.

Nasirov also stated that he is not going to leave the country after bailment.

“I was never going to escape, and there are a lot of facts to confirm that. Since December many people kept telling me that a suspicion was possible, but I am not going to flee the country,” Nasirov declared.

As it is known, the head of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine is suspected in abuse of authority and embezzlement of public funds totaling some $74 million. Investigation considers that Nasirov, acting in the interests of MP Onyshchenko, groundlessly provided tax obligations by installments for a number of enterprises in terms of "gas case".

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