Thursday, March 16 2017 21:36 EET
President: Ukraine has two wings like a plane - democracy and order
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According to Petro Poroshenko, the most important thing for Ukraine today is to comply with democracy and order. The Head of State reminded that yesterday during the incident with the so-called blockade some “state-mongers” tried to take away weapons, beat police officers and humiliate them with swearing.

“I want to say that Ukraine has two wings like a plane. First is democracy and second is order. And you can fly only with two wings,” the President noted.

The Head of State emphasized that as President, he is a defender of democracy and order: “I will not allow those who consider themselves celestial beings to mock society, volunteers, heroes, new police officers, warriors of the National Guard or the AFU. ID of people’s deputy doesn’t allow you to mock people”.

Earlier Russian government agrees to integrate some South Ossetia military units into the structure of the Russian Armed Forces

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