Thursday, March 16 2017 21:07 EET
118 Ukrainians remain in captivity of pro-Russian militants
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There are 418 people on the list of persons who went missing in the combat area in Donbas. Besides, there are 118 Ukrainian citizens held captive by pro-Kremlin mercenaries. Iryna Gherashchenko, Ukraine’s first deputy parliamentary speaker and the country’s representative in the Minsk group, posted that at Facebook.

‘The Security Service and the Minsk group did a huge research on the missing persons and their fate; thanks to their job, we can now refresh the list of these persons… Currently, 418 people are missing. There could be many more, and we’ve got to keep on searching for information about all the missing and perished people. Another 118 people are Ukrainian civilians and the military men captured by the militants and held in the occupied territories,’ the official posted.

The most recent session of Minsk trilateral contact group included, in particular, the issue of release of Ukrainian citizen from captivity in the occupied areas of Donbas. Accordign to Iryna Gherashchenko, this question ‘has always been on the group’s agenda’.

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