Thursday, March 16 2017 20:50 EET
European Parliament confirms EU never recognizes attempt to annex Crimea by Russia
European, Parliament,  Confirms,  EU, Never, Recognizes, Attempt, Annex, Crimea, Russia

The Foreign Ministry of Ukraine welcomes the adoption of the resolution the Ukrainian prisoners in Russia and the situation in Crimea by the European Parliament on March 16.

"The legislative body of the European Union again confirmed unfettered support of Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity within its internationally recognized borders and gave a clear signal to the Russian Federation that its attempt to annex Crimea would never be recognized by the EU and its member states," the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine said on Thursday.

The ministry said that the European Parliament also presented unbiased facts of grievous crimes of the Russian occupation authorities and violation of human rights.

The ministry recalled that the European Parliament reiterates that Russia must urgently release all illegally and arbitrarily detained Ukrainian citizens and stop further persecutions of Ukrainians.

The ministry said that the European Parliament also supported Ukraine's lawsuit against Russia in the International Court of Justice blaming Russia for support of terrorism in eastern Ukraine and discrimination of ethnic Ukrainians and Crimean Tatars on the territory of occupied Crimea.

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