Wednesday, March 15 2017 18:13 EET
Ukrainian Parliament closes its session because of militarymen inside
Ukrainian, Parliament, Closes, Session, Because, Militarymen, Inside

Oksana Syroyid, the deputy head of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, announced the morning session closed for today.

After the short break, Yuriy Bereza, the representative of the Narodny Front, applied for the permission to the military men and policemen to have a speech, commenting the incident with Volodymyr Parasyuk.

“The Ukrainian MP, hiding behind his mandate, allowed himself to beat police employees. I don’t know, where we will touch the bottom. Now I appeal to the presiding person in this session room to invite policemen into the room for them to tell what happened yesterday… I am asking you, miss chairwoman, to allow the National Guard and National Police fighters to report. I am asking you. And this is a requirement of the tree factions, we underline, that it’s an issue of surviving for the moment – survival of “Ukrainian” Ukraine, which is currently being torn apart by the external enemy, making the internal enemy happy,” said Bereza in his speech.

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