Tuesday, March 14 2017 18:01 EET
Police release arrested in Kryvy Torets blockade participants
Police, Release, Rrrested, Kryvy, Torets, Blockade, Participants

The Donetsk region National Police department announced in Facebook they have released over 20 arrested in Kryvy Torets Donbas trade blockade activists.

In total, 43 people were detained, according to the National Police

“The inspection of citizens who were taken to the police station in Kryvy Torets station continues. After the inspection, explanations and medical examination 20 blockade participants have already been released, " the statement said.

Later, MPs Oksana Syroid and Semen Semenchenko reported that all the Donbas trade blockade activists were released. They were detained in different police departments of Donetsk region.

Earlier it was reported that participants of Donbas trade blockade informed that their redoubt in Kryvy Torets was dispersed by law enforcement officers. Donbas blockade HQ reported on redoubt crackdown in Kryvy Torets by SBU and KORD. It is also informed about the detention of trade participants.

Earlier  In Donetsk Region SBU detains illegal cargos worth more than million hryvnias

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