Monday, March 13 2017 21:23 EET
EU extends sanctions against violators of territorial integrity of Ukraine
  EU, Extends, Sanctions, Against, Violators,Territorial, Integrity,Ukraine

European Union extended sanctions against those who violated territorial integrity of Ukraine. It was reported by the press service of EU Council.

Sanctions were imposed on 150 people and 37 entities and extended to September 2017. These measures include freezing of assets and a ban for travels.

After the revision of the list of people and organizations on whom these sanctions were imposed, the Council excluded two deceased men.

As it was reported by the journalist of Radio Svoboda Rikard Jozwiak in his Twitter:

“Sanctions against Russia and separatist in Ukraine now prolonged. Deceased separatists Tsypkalov and Pavlov aka "Motorola" were removed.”

Earlier it was reported that EU does not consider possibility of imposing new sanctions against Russia. EU countries will be united in the matter of maintaining current sanctions against the Russian Federation, but the possibility of imposing new sanctions is not yet being considered.

Earlier The EU said Russia's recognition of DPR and LPR documents is inconsistent with the spirit of the Minsk agreements

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