Monday, March 13 2017 19:23 EET
Russia deploys radio-electronic warfare system to the Crimea
Russia, Deploys, Radio, Electronic, Warfare, System, Crimea

The Russian military in the Crimea has deployed a “Murmansk-BN” radio-electronic warfare system which is capable of detecting, monitoring and disrupting communications between NATO ships as far as the Mediterranean Sea, Crimean media reports.

“The Murmansk-BN is a coastal radio-electronic warfare system which performs radio reconnaissance, intercepts enemy signals and jams them on the entire short-wave range for up to 5000 km. The system is mounted on seven trucks. The antenna system is mounted on four telescopic supports up to 32 meters high. The standard deployment time is 72 daylight hours,” Komsolmoskaya Pravda reports.

It was reported earlier that the aviation of the Russian Black Sea Fleet was reinforced with a Su-30SM squadron.

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