Friday, March 10 2017 18:44 EET
Donbas blockade HQ gives two weeks to close Sberbank in Ukraine
Donbas, Blockade, HQ, Gives, Weeks, Close,  Sberbank, Ukraine

The headquarters Donbas blockade delivered an ultimatum to the Cabinet of Ministers to close all the offices of Sberbank in Ukraine because of the decision to accept passports of “DPR” and “LPR”. This was reported by the leader of the Donbas blockade Anatoliy Vynohrodskyy during the press-conference.

"We are giving two weeks to the investors of Russian Sberbank to withdraw funds. In two weeks, if the government is not able to close the company, we will close it ourselves, including all departments that exist in Ukraine," Vynohrodskyy said.

The blockade participants turned to the Prime Minister of Ukraine, to the Internal Minister and the Prosecutor General with the demand to see that “this bank’s money don’t flow to the aggressor-country”.

At the same time Vynohrodskyy refused to specify how they intend to close the offices of the bank.

“We do not talk about the measures we will conduct. There is a statement of the Oshchadbank that they will serve the clients with “DPR” and “LPR” passports, that’s enough for us,” he said.

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