Friday, March 10 2017 18:36 EET
Putin dismissed ten generals from law enforcement agencies
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The Russian President, Vladimir Putin dismissed a number of high-ranking officials from law enforcement agencies. Ten of them had special military ranks of Generals. Among dismissed officials are Generals of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Federal Penitentiary Service and Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation.

In addition, two Prosecutors of the Russian regions were also dismissed from office. Vladimir Putin didn’t provide any reasons for dismissal of these high-ranking officials in his decree that was signed on 9th of March. Earlier that day, the Russian President criticized the activities of law enforcement agencies at the board meeting of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs.

In particular, Putin urged these agencies to focus more efforts on the fight against extremism, illegal migration and also fatal road crashes. Vladimir Putin reminded that almost half of all crimes in his country remain unsolved. The President of the Russian Federation also stated that it is necessary to tighten requirements to applicants for leadership positions in the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

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