Thursday, March 9 2017 16:05 EET
French MFA calls on Russia to influence militants to solve Donbas conflict
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French Ministry of Foreign Affairs called on Russia to influence militants to solve Donbas conflict. This was announced by the Foreign Minister of France Jean-Marc Ayrault during the briefing on air of 112 Ukraine TV channel.

“We have to move further and keep in mind our goal. Our common goal is full implementation of Minsk agreements and we have to make sure that all sides fulfill their obligations. But at the same time we see that Russia has influence on separatists in Donbas. And I call on Russia once again to use this influence on separatists to find lasting solution of the situation so that we can find political settlement of this conflict. We think it’s the only solution,” he said.

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Efforts have to be made to actually achieve disengagement of forces and technology at delimitation line, according to him.

Earlier it was reported that Britain and France urged NATO to respond quickly to Russian threats. In turn, Turkey has accused NATO of not fulfilling its obligations.

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