Wednesday, March 8 2017 16:08 EET
Poroshenko: Ukraine proud of its women
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More and more women join the Ukrainian military in order to stand for their country during the ongoing Russian aggression. The number of female volunteers continues to grow. Petro Poroshenko, the president of Ukraine, posted that at Facebook on March 8, the International Women Day.

‘Once it was impossible to imagine a sniper or a reconnaissance squad fighter wearing the uniform of the Ukrainian army. However, thanks to the latest changes in the legal framework, females got the opportunity to choose among over a hundred military professions. And we’re going to keep it up,’ the president wrote.

According to Poroshenko, currently there are over 20,000 women serving with the Armed Forces; 'since the beginning of the year, some 2,000 have signed in, and just as many women were granted the official status of the combatant', the message reads.

‘Ukraine is proud of your firmness and courage!,’ the head of the state wrote in his address to the Ukrainian women. 

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