Tuesday, March 7 2017 17:56 EET
Donbas militants found weapons in mines, - Russian side in Hague
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Russia explained the origin of weapons used by Donbas militants, saying that the Soviet or the Ukrainian weapons were left by the army in the coal mines, and the militants found it there. This was stated during a review of the lawsuit of Ukraine against Russia in the international court of the United Nations in Hague, by one of the representatives of the Russian Federation, Ilya Rogachev.

"The main source of weapons found by the rebels (according to the terminology of representative of the Russian Federation - Ed.) is the Soviet-era reserves that were on the territory of Ukraine, most of which were left in the mines of the Donbas and appeared in the hands of the rebels. The major part was also left by Ukrainian army," Rogachev said.

Rogachev did not comment on the evidence submitted by the Ukrainian side about the use by Donbas militants of the latest weapons, which is available only in the Russian army.

In turn, the first vice-speaker Iryna Herashchenko in Facebook called the statement of Russian representative a lie and added that modern Russian weapons could not remain in Ukrainian coal mines.

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