Monday, March 6 2017 22:37 EET
Explosion in Stepova mine occurred during repair works, — Minister for Regional Development
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The explosion in Stepova mine in Lviv region, which killed 8 people, occurred during repair works, however the exact cause of methane explosion is still being established. This was reported by Hennadiy Zubko, the Minister of Regional Development of Ukraine, during the briefing broadcast by 112 Ukraine TV channel.

He informed that repair works took place that day, equipment maintenance was carried out. "The unit which was sent there, those are 34 people who directly became the victims of the explosion. Prosecutor General’s Office is questioning the victims and actors in this tragedy, criminal case was also initiated, and we’ll soon see all materials regarding the situation," Zubko noted.

At the same time, he stressed that resumption of Stepova mine work in Lviv region is now impossible due to high methane level.

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